Who we are

About Us

Jilani Export provides sophisticated one stop solution to meet our customer’s specifics needs and helps to create a platter of offering  where they have more choice  more option to chose from. Today we have evolved to a pint where-in we are catering  from exclusive designers to mass retailers, equally effectively.

Commissioning a number of machines and improving the quality of man force through skill-development programs. We are one of the most important innovators in the handicrafts exports market.

We are committed to achieving the highest standards when meeting the needs of our customers through competitive pricing, quality, and reliable delivery.

What we do
From Manufacturing to exporting boundaries between exclusiveness. Customers have choice what they want to buy where and when.
Jilani Export understand this and help to create a platter of  offering where they have more choice , more content  to chose from. We are devolving every day.
our values
  • INNOVATION – This is at the heart every product we build
  • CREATION – We believe in being original & bringing new products to life
  • RESPECT – What drives our relationship with all our buyers
  • SERVICE – What we thrive every day to improve and be the best in the industry
  • SUSTAINABLE – Our every effort in increasing & using more sustainable products